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Young Dolleh delivers
Speech to the late President Doe in 1990

Bangalee Trawally

debates@ (OLM)




5 Ministers Are Back on the Job
Courtesy: Liberian Observer
18 November, 2010

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has returned five Cabinet Ministers to their posts, beginning today, following her November 3rd directive that they go on 'administrative leave.' The five are Justice Minister Christiana Tah, Agriculture Minister Florence Chenoweth, Public Works Minister Kofi Woods, Planning and Economic Affairs Minister Amara Konneh and Youth and Sports Minister Etmonia Tarpeh. Read detail
FELMAUSA Disappoints the Mandingo Community during meeting with President Sirleaf
By: Bangalee Trawally
15 November, 2010
Leadership upon leadership of FELMAUSA continues to pursue the same leadership style, not seeing the big picture why we (Liberian Mandingoes) need a mother organization like FELMAUSA. Let me first and foremost thank the current leadership of FELMAUSA for making it possible to have an audience with Her Excellency President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. I think it was a golden opportunity to lay out sensitive issues of concern as well, the plight of the Mandingo people in Liberia, particularly in Nimba County. But I’m greatly disappointed that no one of three speakers at that meeting mentioned anything regarding that. Our leaders take pride in taking photographs with people in national leadership or simply with those in high stature from elsewhere in society for website posting purposes. Don’t get me wrong; I sincerely appreciate FELMAUSA’s effort geared towards the medical assistance she is about to embark upon in Liberia. But in my belief, FELMAUSA’s chief responsibility is advocacy. Anything short of that will also be considered seeking personal aggrandizement. Click here for the aforementioned  meeting!

The former Justice Minister, Jenkins Z.B Scott found solace and a home in garbage in by temple of Justice, Liberia
Courtesy: New Democrat
13 November, 2010

A rescue Jenkins Scott mission, targeting the once powerful Justice Minister in the military junta of Gen. Samuel K. Doe, is underway.
Mr. Scott was found around the Temple of Justice, a building he once commanded, in its garbage dump with serious symptoms of severe hunger. Former Post & Telecommunication Minister, Morris Dukuly, the first Minister of State for Presidential Affairs in the current government, told this paper Monday that he and other influential personalities are making plans to rescue the former Attorney General of the Republic of Liberia from his current derelict state. Read detail.

By: Phamolie M. Kromah
12 November, 2010

The Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Cllr. Jerome Verdier will address the King Sao Bosso Lecture Series on November 21st 2010 at 3:00pm at the edifice of the African Culture Alliance of North America (ACANA). Cllr. Verdier who is visiting the United States will be speaking to a cross section of Liberians living in the tri state of areas of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. The King Sao Bosso Lecture Series anticipates a large turnout of Liberians and other interested parties and community organizations to engage Cllr. Verdier on issues critical to TRC Report and its implementation. Read detail
Position on the Senatorial Call to Duty
By: Varfley A. Dolleh
11 November, 2010

His Excellency the President, Executives and Members of the Federation of Liberia Mandingo Associations in America, (Felmausa), His Excellency the President and Leadership of Chapters of Felmausa in America, His Excellency the President and Member of the Federation of Lofa Associations in America, (FLAA), His Excellency the President, Leadership and Members of the Quardu Gboni Mandingo Associations of America, (QGMA), the Leadership of the Mandingo Caucus in Liberia, the Leadership of the Liberia Mandingo Associations of New York, (LIMANY), the Leadership of the Voice of Mandingo, the Leadership of Mandi, the Leadership of the Mandingo Association in Australia and Europe. Read detail
140 Liberian Pilgrims Land Safely At Jeddah Today
Courtesy: Public Agenda
10 November, 2010
Credible information emanating from the Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia has confirmed that the 140 Liberian Muslim Pilgrims who left Monrovia yesterday, Tuesday, October 12, 2010, have safely landed in the Saudi City of Jeddah for this year pilgrimage. Before their departure from Monrovia on Tuesday, the National Chairman of National Muslim Council of Liberia told reporters and a cross-section of Liberian Muslims that this year’s pilgrimage to the holy land of Mecca was a gesture of the Brother and Leader of the Great Socialist People Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Col. Muhamar Gadafi through the kind request of the Liberian leader, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf during her recent trip to Tripoli. Read detail
Saudi Arabia says hajj to start November/15/2010
By: Sheikh Mohammed Kanneh
08 November, 2010

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia's high court has declared Nov. 15. 2010 the start of hajj, the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Islam's holy sites. According to the same source Eid Al Adha will be celebrated on November 16, 2010. The kingdom's official SPA news agency says the court confirmed the sighting of the new moon Saturday. According to the lunar calendar, hajj begins nine days into the 12th month of the year making the start Nov. 15 this year in the Gregorian calendar. The annual Islamic pilgrimage draws millions of worshipers, making it the largest yearly gathering of people in the world. The event focuses on Mecca, Islam's holiest site and the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad.
Bribe Scandal: Did Bility Dish-out US$33,000
To Win?

Courtesy: Daily Observe
06 November, 2010
In May-2010, two months after the March 20 elections, 15 stakeholders who begged anonymity, revealed that the president of the Liberia Football Association (LFA), Musa Bility, bribed his way through, by giving each of them US$500, to vote him as President. Five months after an executive member of Kolakeh FC, a newly promoted 2nd division outfit, Musa Kromah, in an angry mood, declared that Musa Bility gave him US$500 at Adolphus' Lodge, located on Somalia Drive, an allegation, which was strongly denied by the LFA president. Read detail
Liberian Government to Name Acting Cabint Ministers Friday
Courtesy: VOA
05 November, 2010
The Liberian government is set to announce Friday the names of acting ministers to replace President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s cabinet. Thepresident Wednesdaydismissed most of her Cabinet saying she wanted "a fresh slate.”The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Edward McClain, was the only Cabinet member allowed to keep his job. Presidential press secretary Cyrus Badio told VOA the acting ministers to be announced Friday are deputy ministers from the various ministries.“They are deputy ministers coming from within the same ministries, individuals who are equally competent to administer the affairs of the ministries where they come from,” he said. Read detail
Breaking News: Liberian President Dismisses Cabinet
Courtesy: VOA
04 November, 2010

A spokesman says Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has dismissed her Cabinet to provide herself with a “clean slate” ahead of next year’s presidential election. Press Secretary Cyrus Badio told VOA that President Sirleaf asked her government to take immediate administrative leave as she leaves Thursday on an overseas trip, including a stop in the United States. Badio said Liberia is about to enter a critical stretch leading up to a 2011 presidential election. Read detail
Liberian Supreme Court Summons Editor Over Controversial Letter to the Editor
Courtesy: VOA
03 November, 2010

In Liberia, the publisher of the FrontPage Africa online magazine and newspaper goes before the Supreme Court Wednesday to answer why he published a letter to the editor in which the author accused an associate justice of the court of bias in a murder case before the court.“A couple of years ago, there was a murder case here when a little girl was killed. Read detail
Sekou Kanneh Admonished Young People about the Electoral Process
Courtesy: Public Agenda
02 November, 2010
The CEO of Don Kan Gas Inc., and prospective candidate for the representative seat of District #7, Mr. Sekou Kanneh, has admonished young people in the district “not to stand aside and think politic is only for the old people.” The business man and prospective candidate was speaking on Saturday, October 23rd when he addressed the P. Bennett Toe Intellectual Forum in Jacob Town. Speaking to the young constituents of his district he added, “There can be no progress without the youths.” He praised the young people for organizing the community forum, adding “It’s a good thing to see our young people engaged in meaningful activities such as this forum for the advancement of our community and the democratic culture we are nurturing in our country.” Read detail
Conference Urges Full Implementation of Liberia's Truth Commissionn Report
Courtesy: VOA
01 November, 2010
Liberian playwright Joseph Gbaba says Liberians should set up an interim government because the current leadership has been implicated in the TRC report. A two-day New York symposium on the future of Liberia following a final report by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) has called for the implementation of all recommendations to ensure those guilty of war crimes are punished.The TRC was set up to look into the causes of the Liberian conflict from 1979 to 2003.Its final report, released in December 2009, recommended the prosecution of all warring faction leaders. It also barred President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and dozens of others from holding public office for 30 years for their actions during the conflict. Read detail
Ellen Denies Minorities of Justice-Says Prince Y. Johnson
Courtesy: Public Agenda
31 October, 2010
The deeds of leaders in a democratic society are openly subjected to scrutiny by critics, opponents and even objective or fair minded supporters. In our post war society that is rapidly undergoing democratization; this fact is even glaring, especially in the count down to 2011 elections. As Samuka V. Konneh Of Our Staff Reports, Senator Prince Y. Johnson has turned his attention to the problems confronting Liberians under the watch of President Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf. At the beginning, just before the Senator arrived, the expressions on the faces of participants were indescribable; but one would call it smiles for some people while frowns and anxiety could be good descriptions for others. Read detail
28 October, 2010

I was not mesmerized when O'Neil Philip, an imprudent and thoughtless student from the University of Liberia, writes in the daily observer his paltry parses of issues he thinks merit attentions. His array of gibberish is titled, "THE EYE OPENER: LIBERIA'S EXTREMIST MUSLIMS AND EMERGING JIHADISTS." In it, he blatantly named Muslims (Mandingos) as perpetrators of crimes and extremist jihadists, even though he does not know the meaning of "extremist jihadists." PHILIP writes," Read detail
Sekou Kanneh Donates to Community Mosque
Courtesy: Public Agenda
25 October, 2010
The businessman and prospective representative candidate for District #7, Mr. Sekou Kanneh has donated a generator to a community mosque in Conde Town, Amagashie, Paynesville. The presentation of the generator was made on Wednesday October 20 at the mosque in the presence of the mosque congregants who thanked Mr. Kanneh for his kind gesture. According to a press release from Royal House Communication Consortium, Inc., in presenting the generator, Mr. Kanneh made it clear that he was not giving the generator to the mosque because “I am intending to run for the representative seat in the district.”  Read detail
Guinea Electoral Commission Delays Sunday Vote
no new date set for vote which has been delayed several times

Courtesy: VOA
23 October, 2010
Guinea's electoral commission is delaying Sunday's second-round presidential runoff. The new head of Guinea's electoral commission says there will be no voting Sunday because the country is not ready. Malian General Siaka Toumany Sangare says it is clear to everyone that Sunday's round of voting is not feasible, chiefly because of problems with voter registration.The frontrunner in this second round, former prime minister Cellou Diallo, met with Sangare Friday and says they discussed potential threats to the process including reports of parallel electoral lists and voter cards.Sangare also met with Diallo's challenger long time opposition leader Alpha Conde after Conde rallied thousands of supporters in the capital. Read detail
Lawlessness and Violence Plague Civilians in Ivory Coast's West
Courtesy: VOA
23 October, 2010
As Ivory Coast prepares to hold its long-delayed presidential poll, Human Rights Watch says well-armed criminal gangs in the country's far west continue to assault, rob and rape local residents with impunity.In a report released Friday, Human Rights Watch says in western Ivory Coast, masked bandit groups create makeshift roadblocks to then rob and attack local residents and extortion by former rebel fighters is rampant. The international watchdog group says the criminality has its roots in the 2002-2003 civil war that split Ivory Coast between north and south. HRW says since then, state failure to protect residents and punish attackers has fueled lawlessness. Read detail
By: Sidiki Fofana
22 October, 2010

Inaugural gala meeting photos of the diaspora arm of the Congress for Democratic Change(CDC) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., October 16-17-2010.
Guinea Presidential Candidates Ready for
Sunday's Vote

Courtesy: VOA
21 October, 2010
Both of Guinea's presidential candidates say they are ready to go ahead with Sunday's scheduled run-off, now that military leaders have named a new head of the electoral commission.
The campaigns of both former prime minister Cellou Diallo and long-time opposition leader Alpha Conde say they are ready to drop their objections to Sunday's poll and finally put this second-round run-off to the voters. Diallo threatened to boycott the vote if Lounceny Camara was not replaced as head of the electoral commission because Diallo says Camara favors the Conde campaign. The Conde campaign threatened to boycott the vote if Camara was replaced. Read detail
Speech by Amb. Barnes at CDC Gala Event 10-16-10
18 October, 2010
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen: I bring you fraternal greetings from the Liberia Destiny Party (LDP).When I received the invitation from the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) USA to be the Keynote Speaker for this inauguration ceremony, I immediately accepted it with great enthusiasm. My enthusiasm was occasioned by the fact that very rarely do political parties invite the leader of a rival political party to serve as its keynote speaker on such a momentous occasion. The fact that the CDC leadership in the United States could make such a magnanimous gesture demonstrates recognition that the issues confronting our country transcend party loyalty and affiliation and represent challenges that have enjoined every Liberian to be a part of the solution. Read detail


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